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Tél. : (216) 74 462 303 - (216) 71 708 464

Chaker Jeux

Leader en Tunisie dans le domaine des jeux de sport et de loisir


  • Appareil charge guidée

    puce.gif Combinet multi gym M1 (ref.3977)
    Efficiency, Superior Design and Premium FINNLO-Maximum-quality! Perfect free weight training! As part of the Finnlo Maximum-M-Series the Multi Gym M1 represents excellent Studio-Workout conditions at home. The M1 "studio" tower offers over 50 professional-grade exercises at six individual pull points, which usually can only be found at professional fitness studios.

    Weight block 80 kg 
    Max. resistance 102,5 kg (incl. optional weights)
    Weight 188 kg
    Max. body weight 130 kg
    Build up size (L x W x H)t 163 x 105 x 213 cm (space required: 205 x 160 x 213 cm)
    puce.gif combinet multi gym M3 (ref.3969)
    Professional "studio" training tower for the home with 40+ exercises for all major muscle groups Resistance provided by weight stacks (twenty 4.5 kg plates) Maximum pulling resistance of 96 kg Professional-grade leg curl and leg extension function with quick adjustment Comfort seat with variable eight Cable pulleys equipped with ball bearings for smooth and jerk-free training

    Weight block 96 kg 
    Max. resistance 96 kg
    Weight 239 kg
    Max. body weight 150 kg
    Build up size (L x W x H)t 183 x 102 x 205 cm ( space required: 220 x 290 x 210 cm )
    puce.gif Combinet multi gym M5 (ref.3964)
    HOME GYM M5- the perfect corner solution gym with 3 professional training stations The "Studio" training tower and "Strength Turbo" for professional fitness and strength training at home, in hotels or at wellness centers. Two 96 kg weight stacks each providing 100 kg of pulling resistance. Can be used by two people simultaneously. Three separate training stations. L-shape fits perfectly into any corner.

    Weight block 2x 96 kg (pro Gewichtsturm) 
    Max. resistance 136 kg
    Weight 361 kg
    Max. body weight 150 kg
    Build up size (L x W x H)t 254 x 260 x 216 cm (space required 300 x 290 x 220 cm)
    puce.gif Combinet free trainer FT2 (ref.3972)

    Free trainer with cable pull system including bench Two independent height adjustment cable pull modules. „one-handed“ adjustment possible Space-saving triangle-shaped design Rotatable accessory stack Professional gym-like pull-up bar

    Weight block 2x 68kg 
    Max. resistance 136 kg
    Weight 361 kg
    Max. body weight 120 kg
    Build up size (L x W x H)t 140 x 178 x 212 cm

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